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A mattress encasement protector is a necessary bedding component regardless of the type of bed you sleep on. Using a mattress pad serves many purposes including air circulation, personal comfort, protects your mattress for stains, and reduces dust mites as the mattress pad can be laundered. Our manufacturer will add an additional inch for tucking underneath your mattress to ensure a proper fit. Mattress pads are custom made and are NON RETURNABLE.


 Not sure what type of mattress protectors you might need? Here are a few helpful hints to help you decide:

Anti allergy mattress encasement?
If you are sensitive to dust or often wake up with a stuffy nose then our hypo allergenic Anti Allergy Mattress Encasement's could really make a difference. These are also handy if you hate the idea of dust mites!

A waterproof mattress protector?
Essential for children's beds, a waterproof mattress protector will help protect the mattress if there are accidents in the night or misadventures with drinks during the day

Are you looking for extra comfort?
Our Cotton Mattress Protectors prolong the life of your mattress and keep you comfy for longer too, with quilted covers and elastic straps for a firm fit

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Alexandrine Organic Cotton Dust Mite + Allergy Round Mattress Encasement Dominique Cotton Dust Mite & Allergy Round Mattress Encasement Evette Stretch Knit Dust Mite + Allergy Round Mattress Encasement