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There are many features of leather which make it so attractive to consumers the world over. One of these features is leather's resilience. A properly maintained leather will never look old and will therefore outwear textiles many times over. Since fabrics are woven, changes in their appearance from age and use detract from their beauty. Leather will actually absorb body oils during use. These oils, which are damaging to textiles, will actually enhance the leather's appearance making it more beautiful over time.  

Fully clean leather upholstery every two to three months or as needed using Leather Cleaner. You can care for the fabric from stains and spots, which will also increase in length the life of the fabric. Name brand products such as Scotch guard, Fiebings Suede and fabric coat, and Teflon are topical applications and give protection for anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

Leather Skin Types

 Aniline Leather
Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather with the unique surface characteristics of the hide remaining visible. Aniline leather is colored only with dye and not with a surface coating of polymer and pigment 

 Nubuck LeatherNubuck Leather is actually aniline leather, where the surface has been brushed and polished and has a velvet like texture with lush appearance. It is also known as Chaps, Distressed, and Bomber. Like velvet, the textured surface will show a difference in shading when you run your hand over it. 

 Goat SuedeGoat Suede is generally the inner side of the hide or skin next to the meat of the animal, buffed to a smooth finish. Suede may also be split from a thick hide. Goat Suede is available in many attractive finishes with different texture. 

 Cow NappaCow Nappa is a smooth and soft surface leather, which is taken out from the outer skin of the cow. This leather is available in various colors and finishes. Due to its softness, cow nappa leather is used in making a host of fashion apparels. This leather is wrinkle free.

 Lamp NappaLamp Nappa leather is the softest leather, which is taken out from a lamb or young sheep. Its a soft and light-weight leather. It is generally used for making sports wear jackets. 

 Sheep NappaOriginally, only sheep skin was referred to as "Nappa." However, in recent years, the word "Nappa" has become an adjective, meaning "soft" and now this term covers all leathers with a smooth and soft surface, which comes from the outer of the animal.

 Pig SuedePig Suede leather is generally the inner side of the hide or skin next to the meat of the pig, buffed to a smooth finish. Suede may also be split from a thick hide.


Full Aniline

Also referred to as "Naked" or "Pure Aniline" full-aniline leather hides are beautiful looking and feeling leather. It has been dyed for color and has little to no other treatment applied to it. Because of this it will absorb stains easily, it will scratch, and it will fade, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Full aniline hides will also reveal more of the natural markings and defects of the leather such as healed scars, stains, and bug bites. Full aniline leathers will develop a rich "patina" over time. Full aniline leather is recommended for low to medium traffic areas.


Also referred to as "protected leather" pigmented leather essentially has a layer of dye sprayed onto it and a clear protective coating applied over that. This type of leather is commonly found in public places as well as most automobiles. It is resistant to spills, stains, fading, and scratches. Pigmented leather is recommended for medium to very-high traffic areas.

Semi Aniline

Also referred to as "aniline plus" or "micro pigmented" semi-aniline uses the process of micro pigmentation which applies an extremely thin layer of matching pigment to a fully aniline dyed hide before applying a clear protective coating. This leather offers most of the protections of fully pigmented leather but retains the natural look and feel of a full aniline dyed leather.


Some aniline leathers have dyes that are not totally fixed and will naturally migrate throughout the hide with use. This type of leather is known as a "pullup leather". One moment it has a certain appearance and once sat on or pulled at will create a brilliant burst of color and the appearance changes. Most people find this to be a desirable effect however if unexpected it can be bit of a problem.