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Your bed is the main focus and important piece of furniture in your bedroom.  Dress it up with beautiful, freshly laundered bedding and linens that create a comfortable and pleasing space.  

We recommend you wash your sheet sets regularly.  However, it is a personal preference on how often you choose to do so.  It is a good idea to launder them weekly to remove any dirty or dust.  Warm water is recommended to avoid any shrinking of fibers, however, this depends on the type of fabric your sheets are made out of.  All patterned or printed pillowcases should be washed inside out to protect the color.  Always check the care label prior to washing.  Tumble dry sheets according to the label and remove them before they are 100% dry to minimize wrinkles.  Make sure the sheets are dry before storing them - this could cause mold and mildew growth. When buying sheets, don't always be tempted to buy the high thread counts (200 to 400 is fine).  The quality of the fabric matters more - look for 100% combed cotton type sheets - these produce a finer sheet than carded cotton.  Replace sheets when there are signs of aging, stains or frayed hems.  Keep sheets stored in a cool, dry  closet or drawer.  The shelves should be lined with acid-free tissue paper to keep fabric from yellowing.  We recommend you do NOT store your sheets in plastic containers.  

For all other top of the bed items - Comforter, Duvet Covers, Duvet Inserts, Bed Caps, Bedspreads etc... we recommend you wash those once every 6 months.  If the weather is nice outside hang them up to get that "fresh linen" smell to freshen them up instead of washing them.  Always..ALWAYS.. check the care and washing labels on these items.  Some items may be only dry cleaned.  To keep your mattress, duvet inserts or pillows protected, encase them in zippered covers (protective encasement's)  This will keep your pillows fresh and keep allergens at bay.  Pillows should be washed at least twice a year (check the label for care and washing instructions) .  From luxurious, eco-friendly bamboo sheets to 100% organic cotton to luxurious Egyptian cotton duvets, there are a wide selection of fabrics available for any and all types of bedding.  

Not sure what the symbols mean on the labels? Here's a guide to help you out! 

     Machine Wash, Normal
  Machine Wash, Cold (Initial water temperature must not exceed 30C or 65-85F)
  Machine Wash, Warm (Initial water temperature must not exceed 40C or 105F)
  Machine Wash, Hot (Initial water temperature must not exceed 50C or 120F)
  Machine Wash, Hot (Initial water temperature must not exceed 60C or 140F)
  Machine Wash, Hot (Initial water temperature must not exceed 70C or 160F)
  Machine Wash, Hot (Initial water temperature should not exceed 95C or 200F)
     Machine Wash, Permanent Press
      Machine Wash, Gentle or Delicate
     Hand Wash
   Do Not Wash

    Bleach when Needed
    Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed
  Do Not Bleach

   Tumble Dry, Normal
    Tumble Dry, Normal, Low Heat
    Tumble Dry, Normal, Medium Heat
    Tumble Dry, Normal, High Heat
    Tumble Dry, Normal, No Heat
    Tumble Dry, Permanent Press
    Tumble Dry, Gentle
  Do Not Tumble Dry
  Do Not Dry
    Line Dry
    Drip Dry
    Dry Flat
    Dry in Shade

   Do Not Wring

   Iron, Any Temperature, Steam or Dry
   Iron, Low
   Iron, Medium
   Iron, High
   Do Not Steam
  Do Not Iron

    Dryclean, Any Solvent
    Dryclean, Petroleum Solvent Only
    Dryclean, Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene
  Dryclean, Short Cycle
  Dryclean, Reduced Moisture
   Dryclean, Low Heat
   Dryclean, No Steam
 Do Not Dryclean