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Our high gloss, glass like acrylic finish is our highest quality and highest end finish.  This finish provides a perfectly flat mirror like gloss surface that is far superior to paints, finishes and laminates.  Our StyleLite finish provides deep high gloss solid colors without "orange-peel" or surface imperfections.  Pairing this finish with a high gloss matching or contrasting edge banding creates a high gloss piece of furniture that is truly beautiful and incredibly functional.  It is currently available in Ruby Red, Grey, Blue, Carbon, White, Vanilla, Cherry Red, Glacier and Champagne (our metallic design).  The edge banding comes in over 70+ colors and combinations.  Create your own unique combination of colors and accents for a one of a kind custom furniture piece.  We guarantee that no one else will have the same piece of furniture.  Be your own artist and get creative!

Here are some examples of this finish on our round bed, nightstands and dresser. (Some of these photos there is a clear plastic protective layer.  This is sometimes left on the furniture to keep it from getting dusty or any scratches in the moving process or from the workroom.)  Click HERE for information and edge banding colors and combinations available.

Previous Projects and Other Examples:

Photo Features: High Gloss Finish "Carbon" - Elemento Nighstands
Client: R.M. from Ohio

Photo Features: High Gloss "Carbon" - Sercio Abaca Round Bed w/Silver Edge Band Accent and Mirrored Headboard
Client: R.M. from Ohio

Stylelite Example Projects - 
Kitchen Cabinet (Carbon) and Bathroom Cabinet (White) Applications


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